Muslim Claims Ex-Muslims Are Like a CULT?!

So my young TikTok friend Karim thinks I’m in a cult. in this article I am going to be responding to the issues that he raised in the video. 

“Okay, what’s something that’s not a cult but seems like a cult? Ex-Muslims. Like if I’m ever homeless, I would go live in their brains because I’d be living rent-free. You get it…. you get free…”

I’m going to show you just how wrong he is. Let’s see who really is in a cult. 

Who can read whatever books they want without having to worry about it being un-Islamic? Atheists and ex-Muslims. Who can only read books that are in line with the Quran and Sunnah without having to worry about being involved in misguidance? Muslims. Who can pick and choose what makes sense to them, what beliefs are correct and how they want to live their life? ex-Muslims Who has to go completely by the Quran and Sunnah? Muslims.

Who can only believe what the Quran and Sunnah says? Muslims. Who is not allowed to criticize, make fun of, joke about, insult their great and glorious leader Muhammad? Muslims. In fact, even non-Muslims because they’ll be attacked too. Who is allowed to think and say anything they want? Ex-Muslims. Who is forced to pray five times a day, fast an entire month, wear hijab et cetera et cetera under threat of hell fire? Muslims. Who can pray, meditate or fast if they want to or not if they don’t want to? Ex-Muslims.

Who is forced to have a certain dress code? Muslims, especially Muslim women. They have to put that thing on their head even if it’s blazing hot outside. Who can wear whatever they want? Ex-Muslims. Who was kicked out of the house, threatened with abuse or even death for criticizing or not believing in Islam? Muslims. Who is allowed to think and be themselves? Ex-Muslims. Hell, we don’t give a fucking what you think. Who is in a cult now? Is it really ex-Muslims? 

Stephen Hussain’s bite model of authoritarian control is interesting. It gives four characteristics that cults employ on the members. Behavior – check. Muslims must behave a certain way. Information: check. Many Muslim countries block sites against Islam, take down YouTube videos etc. Thought control: check. Muslims must not think bad thoughts about Allah. I seek refuge in Allah from Shaytan. Where did Allah come from? Don’t think like that. Emotional control: check. I am sinful if I’m not a good enough Muslim. If I listen to music, if I don’t pray five times a day, if I don’t wear hijab etc. etc. Even Muslims will admit that Islam is one of the toughest religions. It requires a lot from its adherence and frankly it has many cult-like characteristics. I hope you can see that.

The BITE model

”… A lot of them left the religion but they’re still obsessed with the religion. Audhubillah make up your mind man…”

Yeah man, some of us want to make the world a better place. So we talk about this so nobody else has to go through what we did. I spent 15 years of my life dedicated to Allah and following his way and promoting it however I can. Glad I left it when I did though. I’ve never looked back and I haven’t been happier.

“…Funny thing is most of them leave because they want to go drink and party and do haram stuff you know…”

This is a hilarious comment. I’m in my late 30s. I have five kids. I’m married. Do you think Muslims don’t party and drink? Hell yes, they do! So why would they need to leave Islam for that? Just have your sins then fast Ramadan, go to hajj and clean up after. Problem solved!

“Wallahi some of them be making these dedicated accounts to like disproving Islam most fucking stupid thing I’ve ever seen. It should be put under the comedy section of Netflix. Comedy.”

Yeah, an Islamic account should be put under the fiction section or maybe the dangers to society if there was such a thing.

“Well like some of them when they were Muslims they didn’t even know how to pray they didn’t know what Salah was they didn’t know what wudu was.  Two  rakats in wudu remember that one kid? Two rakats and wudu Allahu Akbar “

So what? Not everyone is a good cult member. Some weren’t that brainwashed. Doesn’t make the religion true. Look at it this way: Imagine a good Muslim revert like cactus boy being told all this stuff by you. Oh he wasn’t a good Christian. He hardly prayed to Jesus Christ. He didn’t know all of the beliefs of Christianity. That doesn’t mean anything. Just because you aren’t an expert in the beliefs of your former religion doesn’t mean you’re wrong about them being incorrect.

“Some of them be so confidently and so cocky but then they end up running away from a debate kind of like Emery for Christ or Infidel noodle please…”

Not everyone is good at debate bro. Some people are better at writing out their arguments. Some people are better at speaking. Just because you lose a debate does not mean you are wrong. It just means you aren’t as good at convincing the audience that you are right in a live setting. But what I have seen in my past is the opposite. I’ve seen that many Muslims are often not happy to have us ex-Muslims in their midst. I’ve been kicked out of multiple groups. I’m not allowed to call in on some Dawah shows so many times that I made a list on my blog called “Why are Muslims running away”. I think that things  are changing now and ex-Muslims are being allowed into the conversation and I’m happy about that.

“ A lot of you are jokes. You left Islam, leave. I don’t care. Bye bye.”

Yes you do. You do care. That’s why you’re talking about ex-Muslims but we don’t mind. We’re happy that we are now at the point where you acknowledge our existence and you are forced to confront the reality that according to Zakir Naik 25% of ex-Muslims leave Islam all over the Muslim world. Yes, Islam was ultimately uncontested for the longest time. Not anymore. Now more and more people are becoming free from its shackles. You can be free too. Look into the Quran and see that it is not the work of God, but the work of a man. Free yourself. Read what you want. Do what you like. Live your life for yourself not based on what Muhammad wanted you to live.


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