Blasphemy Starts With Abraham and Muhammad

So you’re Muslim and you’re against blasphemy of Islam. That means you’re against anyone criticizing, attacking, offending, or mocking anything about your religion. You don’t support the people’s right to say and post any of this “blasphemous” stuff. You think it should be illegal. Maybe you even think it should be punishable by death or jail time. Let me ask you a question: Who was the first blasphemer in Islam?

Wasn’t Abraham a blasphemer? Didn’t he attack the religion of his parents? Didn’t he say these gods are false gods, which offended, insulted and angered his society so much so they wanted to throw him in the fire? Actually, according to the Quran they did throw him in the fire.

What about Muhammad’s blaspheming of other religions’ gods? Isn’t it Sunnah for him? Isn’t it Sunnah for us to blaspheme the religion of paganism to blaspheme the religion of our parents so to speak. Isn’t that what Muhammad did?

Didn’t he say, “These idols are not real idols. These are fake idols and I will destroy them.” Also, he took the 360 idols of the Kaaba and smashed them. On top of that he sent armies out to destroy Al-Lat and Uzzah. He sent armies out to destroy other towns’ idols that they were worshiping. Now this is the height of intolerance.

Before this there was Paganism and then later on polytheism in the Arabian peninsula. It was pretty tolerant to other beliefs. It didn’t have a problem with Judaism. It didn’t have a problem with Christianity. It had a problem only with Islam, which came and mandated people to stop practicing other religions in the Arabian peninsula.

So here you have a man who did blasphemy against his own people and that is his Sunnah as your greatest prophet. So atheists and ex-Muslims are following in the footsteps of Muhammad. We are blaspheming against the false beliefs of Muslims. Muslims are following a man made God and they are following a religion that did not come from God. That’s what we believe. That’s what I believe. I don’t believe there’s any God. And I’m just sincerely sharing what I believe with the world. 

Now you may call this blasphemy, but what is blasphemy exactly? What is blasphemy for Judaism? What is blasphemy for Christianity? Islamic beliefs that there is no god except Allah, that Muhammad is a messenger, that Jesus is just a man that’s blasphemy in Christianity. Calling Jesus a prophet who spoke to God, that’s blasphemy in Judaism. So Muslims are blaspheming the beliefs of other religious religions. Other great religions in the world Christianity and Judaism are blaspheming Islam. They all blaspheme each other and we’re just one big happy blaspheming family.

So if this is the case, what is the problem with blasphemy? We live in a world where we have multiple different religions and also no religion. Why are we so offended when someone says oh your religion is false and Muhammad wasn’t a prophet? Muslims are saying the same thing every day.

The Quran says that Uzziah is not the son of God according to what the Jews believe. Even though the Jews don’t believe that. So that’s a mistake right there. Nevertheless, that’s blasphemy, is it not? The funny thing is even the mistake is blasphemy because Jews don’t even say Uzziah is the son of god. The Quran says the Jews say that Ezra is the son of Allah and it says this is blasphemy. Well, it’s a lie and it’s blasphemy to say that because they don’t believe that either. It’s kind of funny.

Now what do we have? We have three religions, all monotheistic religions that all claim to be exclusively true. Then you have mother worship, you have paganism, you have the worship of the planet, you have encompassing beliefs that don’t care what you believe, what you worship, how you worship. I mean wouldn’t you rather have a belief system that was more tolerant rather than intolerant because what we find is with Islam it’s a religion of intolerance. It’s a religion that cuts down other beliefs. It’s a religion that doesn’t allow other beliefs to survive and thrive and to succeed in any way. It says that in Quran 9:33 and 61:9,

It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to manifest it over all religion, although they who associate others with Allah dislike it.

You know it’s a religion that will dominate over all other religions despite what the disbelievers want or the mushrikeen want.

Blasphemy is something that everyone does, especially Muslims. Muslims are always blaspheming. In my religion – humanism – calling disbelievers deaf, dumb and blind is blasphemous. You’re blaspheming my religion by saying that disbelievers are the worst of creatures, are deaf dumb, and blind and so on and so forth. You are dehumanizing people. You are making us into less than humans by saying these things.

Imagine this was said for any other group of people that so and so race or so-and-so religious or ethnic group is that worst of people, is deaf dumb, and blind. Do you really think that would fly in today’s modern world with us having rights and caring and respecting and trying to be fair and trying not to be racist trying not to be sexist ,trying not to be a bigot? Do you think that will fly? The only way your nasty religious beliefs are still here is because they get a special exception because they’re followed by so many people

So let me tell you right now: I am a blasphemer and I’m proud of it and you are a blasphemer too. As a Muslim you’re a blasphemer,  as a Jew, as a Christian all of us are blasphemers. So let’s stop getting offended or when other people are blaspheming a religion drawing a cartoon or making fun or whatever it is. I mean get with the times.

Most Christians today, they just look the other way or they just ignore when someone offends them, or criticizes the religion they’re not gonna go blow themselves up or do something like that. That’s how it should be.

When someone says, “What do you expect when you’re offending us? When you’re attacking us what do you expect?”

I expect you to be decent human beings and to respond with reasonable manners to respond like humans not to respond like animals. Don’t be like animals. Don’t be like violent monsters. Be reasonable people that respond with a better response like what I’m trying to do. 

I’m not about to put anyone in jail I’m not about to shut anyone down I’m not about to call for anyone to be de-platformed because I don’t like what they’re saying because they’re Muslim or because of spreading Islamic beliefs which I don’t like. No, go ahead! I’m going to defeat your ideas with better ideas. That’s all I have to say.

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