Muslim TikToker Compares Gays To Pedos and Rapists?!

A TikToker by the name of Momen Suliman Abu Mecca made a revolting video in which he attacks gays. He compares them to Pedophiles and rapists. In that video he asks, “Are pedophiles born that way? Rapists?”. I am going to respond to his questions as well as push back on his ill-informed ideas while also highlighting the difference between secular morality (humanistic values) and religious morality.

Momen Suliman Abu Mecca

Despite what some religious folk will try to make you think, pedophilia is not about to be legalized any day now. It’s just not. We have rather increased our child protection laws even further than ever before. We need to understand something that is very important: Consent. Consent is the key difference here that highlights the difference between secular and religious morality.

Homosexuality between two consenting adults is not wrong. But children can never consent. That’s why we consider acting on pedophilia a crime. Rape, whether between two adults or an adult and a child is a crime why? Because of the lack of consent. Consent is missing. Why am I so disgusted with this? Because he is dehumanizing others who are hurting nobody. But according to his Islamic beliefs, gays who are caught in an Islamic state would be killed. Thrown off roofs. Thankfully, most Christians don’t believe that.

“Are people born gay? Whoever says that to you they’re lying. Now all my gay people listen to this…”

All your gay people? Gimme a break man. With you ideology, I think you have no gay people, no gay friends , nobody you probably know is gay. They would run from you and your toxic views.

“…Before you start judging and say I am a homophobe and so on etcetera, this is not hate speech….”

Yes it is. It’s hate speech. Why is it hate speech? Because you are dehumanizing them. If you had your way, you would implement hudood on them. Like your brothers are doing in Syria. Or do you condemn their actions? If so, please make a video telling us  why it’s wrong to kill homosexuals. Please tell us that the Sunnah is immoral and evil. Please. But you won’t. So instead you’ll spread hate speech because you can’t actually execute them.

“…I am not judging, but let’s use our brains okay and let’s not lie to the people right okay….”

Okay, that’s a new one. Use your brains? So if you want to use your brain, sure! Let’s look at the evidence. What does the evidence say? It says that homosexuality is something that you cannot choose. Whether you’re born with it or it develops at a young age, it’s stable by puberty. Let’s stop pretending you care about using your brain. You are blindly following your prophet. No brain needed. Just throw out your brain. 

“…Now if you say you were born gay, I know you’re a liar…”

Really? Who are you to call them liars? I could say the same to you. “If you claim you were born as straight, you are a liar.” You realize that whether or not they are born gay is besides the point. The point is that they are gay now, and that’s not changeable. All they can do is decide whether or not they act upon it.

“…You know why? Let me tell you this, a person who rapes people was he born a rapist?….”

Are you dumb? Rape is not a sexual orientation. It’s a crime committed against another individual. Are you really that stupid to compare RAPE (an action) against BEING HOMOSEXUAL? (a sexual orientation)

“A pedophile, was he born a pedophile….?”

Actually, yes. Did you look at the evidence? One of those researchers is Dr. James Cantor, a neuroscientist who’s been studying sexuality for over a decade and is now a renowned international expert on pedophilia. Dr. Cantor believes that pedophiles have some specific physical characteristics, including differences in brain wiring. Their brains have less white matter — the connective tissue that carries messages to other parts of the brain. He’s found convincing evidence that’s now widely accepted among scientists.

As a side note, this is a red herring. Regardless of whether or not they were born this way due to their brain wiring OR early childhood experiences that caused them to become pedophiles, the fact is that by puberty this sexuality is stable and won’t change.

But make it clear, this doesn’t mean it’s okay for pedophiles to act on these urges. It will never be okay because children by definition cannot consent. They are too young to understand sex and the consequences. Pedophiles have to spend their entire lives in a state of managing their urges since they can never act on it. Many of them really have a miserable existence. None of them chose to be this way. None of them want to be this way And they can’t change it. So you are wrong again.

“A murderer or a killer, was he born killing, murdering people, of course not….”

You are again twisting things. Killing is not a sexual orientation. It’s an action. Do you really think we are that dumb? 

“Listen, this is desires. This is whispers from the devil alright and it’s also a test from Allah, subḥānahu wa-taʿālā, to see if you have patience or not…”

Yeah so both Allah and Satan are on the same side here I guess. To make people’s lives miserable And you know what, this is really a problem of evil or suffering. Why would Allah make people gay and then say it’s haram? Seems really twisted, doesn’t it? But you’ll never accept evidence that they’re born gay or that they’re gay despite their own choice because you can’t blame Allah for doing something like that and then wanting to punish them.

I know a former Somali Muslim who was gay. He tried to “un-gay” himself. He tried so hard to make it work. He even got married to a woman because of family pressure. Eventually his marriage fell apart and he realized he had to be sincere to himself, that he could never become straight no matter how badly he wanted it. He has now taken the tough path of living authentically.

It’s twice as hard for gay Muslims because when they doubt Islam, they wonder if they are doubting it for insincere reasons. That they just want to leave Islam because they are gay.

“Remember, God does not drag you into hellfire or punish you for your desires okay. It’s a test but he will judge you if you act upon your desires. Peace.”

And why should they have to live their entire lives being celibate? No, you don’t wish peace. Your religion wants them dead. Your beliefs are a scourge on our world.

Comparing gays to rapists and pedophiles is disgusting. But you of course missed the point of consent. Because Islam was never about consent. If it was, it wouldn’t have allowed sex slavery. Consent is a word that never existed back in the 7th century. We don’t want your 7th century morals in today’s world. Keep it there in the 7th century. My gay friends live wonderful happy productive lives. Why should it be any other way?

Live and let live!!!!


Update: Abu Mecca Bashes Gays, Cries Victim.

Abu Bakr you made a disgusting video against gays and now you want to cry victim after you’re called out for your views? You even put a little rainbow flag to pretend like you support them now huh?

“I did not talk hate about the LGBTQ people. I did not say nothing about gay people. I did not cause no war and say oh gay people should not be gay blah blah blah the whole nonsense. You know why? Let me tell you this, a person who rapes people was he born a rapist? A pedophile, was he born a pedophile? Muslim TikToker compares homosexuals to pedophiles and rapists! Shut the hell up little man….”

You claimed you did not talk hate, but you did. You compared a vulnerable population to criminals. The worst type of criminals to pedophiles and rapists and after doing all this now you want to act the victim?

Let’s be clear, that was a really shitty comparison you made. If you made a mistake, just apologize. Just say I shouldn’t have dehumanized this population and call them criminals. Instead you are now crying because people are angry at you.

“…Someone  called me a terrorist and said I should die. Some people wish death upon me and my family, some people wished me and my kids to live a miserable life. Like what the hell are you talking about man?….”

It feels really shitty to have death threats, doesn’t it? I know because I’ve got them too. It’s ironic though now you know how it feels to be gay in the Muslim population. I don’t wish any harm on you or your family or to be called a terrorist which you are not. Neither do I wish harm on the Uighur Muslims who are being oppressed in China nor the LGBTQ community who is being oppressed in Muslim countries nor anyone else. I don’t even wish for you to be silenced. You have the right to say these awful things and so do I. I have the right to call you out and to call them shitty. Repeat after me. It’s okay to be gay. Nobody deserves to be harmed for being gay. The hadith about killing gays are wrong. Can you say that? If not, you hold disgusting ideas and are probably a bigot.

“Muslim TikToker compares homosexuals to pedophiles and rapists. Shut the hell up little man. You know you did this for clout. You did that for fame, you understand.”

As for my motives, don’t act like you know me. Don’t act like you know why I do what I do. Shut the hell up about clout. I do this because I fucking care and I don’t want to live in a world where people like you get away with dehumanizing others


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