Dawahman Says “You Left Islam for an Ugly Atheist Girlfriend”

This is your friendly neighborhood ex-Muslim. In today’s blog, I am going to be responding to a clip of Dawahman from 2018 in which he was trying to guide his young audience and protect them from the evil apostates.  How does he do this? How does he keep the attacks on Islam at bay?  How does he ensure that these little young minds don’t leave Islam? By lying.  And guess who he lied about? Me!  That’s right!  He made several false accusations against me in that clip. 

The Dawahman claims:

“And even man have left the fold of Islam because of women…”

Left Islam because of women? What does that even mean bro?  They suddenly stopped believing in Muhammad as a messenger and Allah as a god and Quran as the final revelation? Because of a woman?  

Is it even possible to “become” a disbeliever?  Can you change your beliefs just like that? No, not really. So did these men really believe then?  If they did, the best that they could do is pretend not to be a believer if they really wanted external validation from a woman.  But what’s inside will always be there, no matter what you show the world.  

He goes on to say,

“There was a video of a guy who used to.. it went viral online. This video went viral online of a guy. He used to be from some other religion became Muslim and he is an Asian guy. He used to be Ismaili or something. He was like an extreme Shia You guys probably have seen the video. He used to be he ah… he became Muslim and he was involved in the Dawah setting up all these conferences and whatnot. And now he left Islam and is a Christian oh sorry, an atheist and I remember when his video came out everyone was so worried. “Oh my God, he knew the religion and used to give Dawah and now became a disbeliever does that mean Islam is fake?” When I just go on his Facebook you know he has his atheist girlfriend.

Atheist girlfriend? Nope. She isn’t an atheist.  And she isn’t a girlfriend. She is my wife.  For 16 years now. Also, note how in his rant he does acknowledge that I was an active member of the Islamic community who contributed a lot.

“She is murtad anyway I didn’t have to look up but it’s just that she is there in the pictures right there *****? At least if you left for a Choong ting but know for some crusty looking girl”

Dawah man said I didn’t go for a Choong thing (a hot girl) but went for a crusty looking gal. He laughs about this in front of the whole audience and they laugh with him.  

So let’s count the lies so far:

1) I left Islam for a woman.  

2) I have an atheist girlfriend.

3) She is ugly

“But I didn’t mean to look, it just was right there in my face kind of thing”

He didn’t mean to look.  So you aren’t lowering your gaze akhi.  Astaghfirullah. Please keep your eyeballs off other men’s wives.  Maybe your wife needs to have a look at your internet history brazzer. If you aren’t after hot ladies, why are you judging her on her hotness?  What’s it to you?  Are relationships only about looks Dawahman? Is this what you teach the Muslim kids who look up to you?  And then to insult women like that?

“***like clearly left religion for this girl”

Clearly, left the religion for this girl?  Clearly. Because. She is on my Facebook.  If you happened to look, my profile says ‘married’.  But Dawahman is the type of guy to judge books by their covers. To assume things. To make superficial judgments based on shallow observations. No wonder he’s Salafi. He doesn’t have the ability to dig deeper.  

“And then you know he was mentioning things about Islam doesn’t let me you know love whoever I want to love. The real reason is a girl.”

Oh, so every single point I made in that 10-minute video on why I left Islam had nothing to do with me leaving Islam bruh? You discovered *all on your own* that the real reason is a girl? 

Let’s do a thought experiment and go into his imaginary world.  Let’s play his game. Imagine that I had an atheist girlfriend.  He runs into my YouTube channel and instead of listening to the various arguments I made in my videos or on the blog, he jumps to my Facebook, sees me with an atheist girlfriend, and BAM! THAT MUST BE IT. SHERLOCK HOLMES HAS SOLVED THE MYSTERY.  HE LEFT ISLAM FOR HER. IT’S SO OBVIOUS! 

The stupidity and shallowness here are off the radar.  If this is the level of intellect, to immediately jump to false conclusions based on 5 seconds of looking at my Facebook profile, it’s not surprising that he is not just a dumb close-minded Salafi Muslim.

If you guys don’t know, this is the guy who “exposed” Yasir Qadhi. He got a sneaky little secret note from Farid that Yasir Qadhi was discussing the preservation of the Quran on a private list and Dawahman took this public and blasted him shamelessly on his YouTube channel, even crying crocodile tears about the good old days when Sheikh Qadhi used to bash Shias as kafirs and considered the holocaust to be fake. That’s the YQ he wants back.  So he broadcasted Farid’s little secret to the whole world, creating the conditions that lead to Yasir Qadhi being repeatedly questioned about this issue which lead to the Mohammed Hijab holes in the Quran narrative interview.

But, back to Mr. Shallow Superficial Dawahman here and his analysis of me.  We all know Muslim men date non-Muslim women.  They can even marry Christian and Jewish girls. Atheist girls could often qualify as Christian (by family and upbringing).  There are also fake conversions for marriage.  None of this stopped Muslims. Instead of considering the points I made, he focused on something completely irrelevant – my “girlfriend”.

Now. There is an update to this story.  He apologized for attacking my so-called atheist-girlfriend (my wife) and calling her ugly. But no correction about my story.  No admitting that he actually lied about why I left Islam. He left that lie out there.

This was just one of many attacks I got. These guys aren’t done making ad hominems. They are going to continue. I also had another former friend Fayyaz attack me. And then another former friend Aarij. And I will be taking apart their lies too, one by one until it becomes evident that Islam is false and that these character attacks will do nothing to stop the truth from coming out.

If Islam was in power, it wouldn’t just be words hurled at me.  It would be spears. So they use words.  Let them try. We will not let them get away with lies.

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