Translation of Ibn Taymiyyah’s Finite Hell Paper

Hassan Radwan has published a translation of Ibn Taymiyyah’s essay on the non-eternality of hell.  Ibn Taymiyyah is one of the most influential Islamic writers from the 13th century.

This paper is interesting because it shows an alternative interpretation to the mainstream Sunni position that hell is eternal.  


As Hassan writes in his introduction:

One reason why this has been particularly controversial in Ibn Taymiyyah’s case is that many regard him as a champion of the correct aqeedah (creed) and defender of orthodoxy against heretical views. The very idea that he would oppose the ijma’ of the Sunni scholars on such a crucial issue is unthinkable for many traditionalists, particularly within the Salafi community where he is regarded as a mujadid  (renewer), someone who restored Islam to its pristine purity. As a result, some within the Salafi community, remain extremely reluctant to attribute this position to him, either arguing it wasn’t his final position,11 or that the treatise has been wrongly attributed to him

Download the current edition here:

The most up to date version can also be browsed on Google Drive

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