Hitler, Stalin and Atheism

It is an often heard refrain among less well informed Christians that Hitler and Stalin (those slightly more knowledgeable sometimes add Pol Pot and Mao Zedong) were atheists and that their atheism led them to commit atrocities resulting in the deaths of millions of people. These claims are demonstrably false.

  • Hitler was never an atheist. The available evidence points to the fact that he remained a theist throughout his whole life.
  • It is true that Stalin, Mao Zedong and Pol Pot, were all atheists. But the primary influences that led to their atrocities were not atheism per se but their dogmatic Marxism and communist ideas.

We see that in none of these cases could atheism be made to “take the blame” for the atrocities committed by these men.

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One thought on “Hitler, Stalin and Atheism

  1. thankyou for writing this, its short and to the point. it will be helpfull in my discussions with non atheists. imcurious if you have any specific evidence when talking about hitlers theism, but iknow i can do a bit of reading on that on my own.

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