Hassan The Somali Exmuslim Who Was Brutally Attacked In Kenya

This article was written on June 05 2020

I just got off the phone with Hassan, a Somali Exmuslim in Kenya who is in danger and needs our help. We need your help

Hassan, who is a Somalian living in Kenya, has not merely been ostracized from his community for being an atheist but Hassan is also receiving credible and imminent death threats and has survived an attempt on his life and is subsequently on the run. Over and above his dire situation, he is struggling financially and has several health issues that need attention.

Hassan’s safety has been seriously compromised by local Islamic preachers who have campaigned against him as an apostate and his social media accounts have been hacked by people attempting to hunt him down for his atheism. Hassan has had to quietly and carefully stay on the move due to the attempts on his life. He has refugee status from the UN Human Rights Council, however, due to his financial situation he is still trapped in Kenya.

He has been reaching out to other atheist associations and NGOs to support him via letters and campaigns since he knows he can no longer safely afford to live in this dangerous situation. He is seeking asylum in Canada but this process will cost him $10,000 USD. He has already raised $7,500 USD, but we need another $2,500 USD to ensure his safe repatriation to Canada. 

Muhammad Syed, the president of exmuslims of north America said: “Some of the bravest atheists in the world today, even among ex-Muslims are Somali atheists. The level of hate, anger and violence directed their way dwarfs what the rest of us receive.”

Aron Ra has spoken to Hassan, as well as another friend Shariq Siddiqui who is going to give his testimonial is included after the interview.  


This campaign is over. Thank you to all who donated and also to those who helped to spread the word and raise awareness to Hassan’s situation. To help other atheist who might be in dire situations or just to get more information on ex-Muslim and atheist issues you can check Ex-Muslim of North America and Atheist Alliance International.  

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