Brother Ismail leaves Islam

Brother Ismail, Muslim for 16 years left Islam. Over the years he did his best to be faithful or loyal to Islam. He took his islamic faith very seriously. Anytime he found an issue controversial or problematic he did his best to research it and follow it. He was committed to it. He found that he is no longer able to defend the Quran and Prophet Muhammad’s morals and conduct. Like for example being able to sleep with a woman already married if she is captured as your slave. (4:24)

Ismail is a Christian now



10 thoughts on “Brother Ismail leaves Islam

  1. Dear brother Ismaeel
    Even shaytaan who worshipped Allah so long disobeyed Allah by not bowing to Adam (as),is from the rejected ones. So the question of imaan is in the hands of Allah. May Allah bring you back safely back to Islam. Yarab

  2. What is this man’s identity?. from where he is?. And if he spent for Islam for 16 years , any speech or works on Islam available in his name?.? Finally after leaving Islam, what is his faith?. Does he believe in any faith or atheist?. Need reply for these.

  3. Truly I like brother Ismail,and I was very loyal for longtime,sometimes even can’t sleep with out watching his Videos,
    surprisingly I find out that Mr.Ismail left the Islam and go back his Christianity. I respect him and I don’t say anythings about him, because he my come and become a better person then me again.
    I have experience about money people who become a Muslims and become Christians, and become Muslims again.
    Now the guidance is from GOD, not from a man…..perhaps brother Ismail will come back to Islam just before to late.
    Why? because brother Ismail Knew just before he become a Muslim,That Jesus can’t be more then the Prophet of GOD, and he Knew more then anybody from his community……..That worshipping the JESUS in not like your worshipping the GOD Almighty, and after the death you will among the losers.
    Even though now I believe that Mr.Ismail did’t study Islam, I just sow him that he was trying reading the Quraan.
    In the ending I’m saying my Allah guide him,and give him back his deeds again….Aaamiin

  4. Being Muslim, I have never met br Ismail abu Adam but feel love and respect for him like my real brother. He has achieved and earned more in 16 years of his life as Muslim than me. I cannot get to his level.
    I believe every Muslim love him from core of their heart I pray for his return back to true religion of Islam

    Please do not attack him or disrespect abu Adam but pray for him

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