Atheist Activist Arsalan Rezaei Politically Assassinated In Turkey By Iran

Arsalan Rezaei, a critic of Islam and the Iranian regime, it appears, has been politically assassinated by Iran. I’m not going to mince words here. This is a terrorist attack. A terrorist attack on the freedom of thought expression and religion. 

Arsalan Rezaei image by Bahozikurdistan Sarvin

According to the Council of Ex-Muslims in Britain, he was stabbed by two assailants at his home in Turkey where he had fled as a refugee. He died in hospital the next day on 10 December, International Human Rights Day.

Rezaei was a well-known admin of “Khorafatkadeh” (In Persian, “the home of superstitions”) on Instagram, Telegram, and YouTube. His assassination was announced on IRGC’s (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) official Telegram channel. In the Telegram post, it stated: “apostates get what they deserve.” It also mentioned that Arsalan was anti-Islam and blasphemous.

Whilst the investigation into his murder is ongoing, it is highly probable that it was the work of the Islamic regime in Iran, which has stepped up kidnappings and the murder of dissidents. (Ruhollah Zam, a journalist living in exile in France was abducted by Iran’s security forces after being lured to Iraq and was executed on 12 December.)

According to the Rogikurd website, Arsalan Rezaei was a young man who was doing struggles against the Iranian regime and criticizing the religion, particularly Islam. He was immigrated from Iran to turkey some time ago to continue his political activities. Among his political activities was the management of several pages called “Khurafat Kadeh” with tens of thousands of members on social media. In addition to republishing political news, these pages were widely disseminating content, images, and videos against the Iranian regime, as well as criticizing religions, especially Islam.

Years ago, especially since 2015, with the Telegram epidemic in Iran, many autonomous pages were created in social media, which concluded broke the monopoly of the Iranian regime in publishing news. The majority of these independent pages were run by atheists, including Arsalan Rezaei as an atheist, whose main purpose was to criticize the religion and policies of the ruling regime in Iran.

On December 10, IRGC CYBER reported that Arsalan Rezaei had been assassinated in front of his home in Turkey. Although the IRGC has not officially claimed responsibility for Arsalan Rezaei ‘s assassination, he was clearly assassinated by the IRGC in Turkey.

Arsalan Rezaei has repeatedly stated explicitly that the real cause of the problems in Iran is the existence of the Iranian regime. He believed that the destruction of the Iranian regime would solve the fundamental problems in Iran. The assassination of Arsalan Rezaei was not the first terrorist attack by the Iranian regime and Islamists, hundreds of political activists abroad have been assassinated by the Iranian regime so far

Why does it bother Iran so much that people are leaving Islam?  Why do they want the population to be Muslim? Because that is their strategy to control the masses. The status quo must be maintained no matter what.  Iranians get arrested for not wearing a hijab, for making TikTok or music videos, going to yoga classes, executed for drinking alcohol.

Sahar Tabar: Image from Insider

A teenager just the other day arrested for taking pictures of herself looking like a zombie Angelina Jolie. The charges against Tabar first included blasphemy, inciting violence, gaining income through inappropriate means, and encouraging youths to corrupt. She said she had been cleared of two of the four charges against her, but did not want to comment further because she was still hoping for a pardon. To make things worse she has a history of diagnosed mental illness making this 10-year sentence even crazier.

Iranians are punished for the silliest most ridiculous things.   And they’re tired of it. They’re tired of being repressed. Of being controlled. Of being forced to dress and behave a certain way.  Of not being able to express themselves. Of not being able to criticize the regime for its excesses.

They went too far this time.  Sending assassins into Turkey to murder dissidents is next level evil.  If Turkey is cooperating with the Iranian regime they need to be called to account for what they are doing.  If we have the freedom to do so, we need to speak against these monsters and fight them every way we can. With our words. With our voices.  By speaking about it and not forgetting these martyrs of freedom.   Women forced to wear hijab.  Teenagers arrested for simply being … teenagers

Arsalan is gone. But we need to continue the fight on his behalf. Let’s continue the struggle on behalf of him and all innocent people suffering under this cruel regime. 

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