Ali Dawah Reviews Adults-Only Cartoon Site

So Muslim Youtuber Ali Dawah who is “proud” that ex-Muslims should be killed has uploaded a video reviewing a pornographic website for Muslims.  He did this under the guise of “warning the ummah” and “save our kids!”. Let’s see what he had to say.

He says that this video was made to “tell Mr. Beast” that kids watch his channel and he should remove a very specific ad that was shown. What he didn’t realize is the ad shows because of his viewing or search history. Some of the comments on the video tried to tell him this:

Hamad Asif: “Ali just so you know, ads by Google and ads on YouTube are targeted. Based on what people tend to look for and based on their search patterns, the ads they see are tailored to what they apparently show interest in. MrBeast, or any YouTuber for that matter, doesn’t really have control over what kind of ads show on their videos. Even your videos might end up getting ads like these on them.”

Saiyan Motion: “The reason that ad was there is not because Mr. Beast places it there or children are seeing it. As a YouTuber Ik how the ad system works. The ads are based off of the specific person that is watching it For example, that person watched cleaning videos, he/she is getting cleaning ads. Whoever sent that screenshot or discovered it, did something to get that on their page. It’s not the same for everybody. And I get where you’re coming from, I’m Muslim myself, but you were a little misled.”

Anonymous Resistor: “Never witnessed such an ad. The thing is, ads depend greatly on the region you live in. I live in the gulf, so my ads are about Talabat and some stocks platform. However, many factors also affect ads you get, like your frequent search and watch history.”

Muslima S: “Ads are shown based on previous interests or browser history most of the time. Other times they guess on the ad preference.”

Now naughty Ali might have realized by making this video he is exposing his own search history by doing this. So he said, “a friend” sent him the screenshot.  Well, the issue is over right? He warned the ummah, now he can pack his bags and go home.

No. It doesn’t stop there.  He decides to actually GO to the cartoon website to check it out. THEN he found the button that says “M” for mature, TURNS that on, clicked yes to “are you 18+” and then acted SHOCKED that he is seeing nakedness. 

MashaAllah, brother is doing lots of research for the ummah. Its so obvious that this video was entirely clickbait and totally freaking useless.  Mr. Beast doesn’t control the ads.  YouTube does. And they do it based on WHAT YOU watch.  The ad was obvious, and then he still clicked on it.  Then he went ahead and confirmed his age.  What more was he expecting them to do? 

Then he says something that really stunned me.

“So this is just a short video and please send this to Mr Beast. He might watch it or not, it’s irrelevant to me, okay. To block this ad because there are kids watching these. It doesn’t matter you are Muslim and non-Muslim. They’re innocent kids watching this and you know what kind of a filthy disgusting society we’re already living in. And we do not want to expose them further and be sexualized in this hypersexualized society already and corrupt them further. Let kids be kids and live as kids for God’s sake.”

The irony of what he just said.  Let kids be kids?  Isn’t he the same guy who said kids can be married off at the age of 9?  Didn’t he say that he would even marry his own daughter at 9?  Although to be honest I don’t believe him here, I think that he was just saying this to defend Muhammad’s actions. 

But the reality is he is right that we should let kids be kids.  But Islam allows old men to marry children. Child marriage is mainly an issue of poverty.  But the actions of Muhammad TO THIS DAY are used to justify child marriage across the world. That is the problem.  Ali, you say don’t oversexualize kids?  So why do you put little girls in hijab then?  By covering them up, you ARE sexualizing them. You call this society that has some of the best rights for children filthy and disgusting then why are you here?  And do you think Islamic societies are better for kids?  Where men can take children as SLAVES and that’s totally legal?  

Let’s be real.  Islamic values are outdated and unnecessary. They don’t bring value to our society.  What we have now is much better.  

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