Why did I build two big Islamic sites?

When I created Light Upon Light I wanted to improve the world by sharing Islamic videos for free with others. Over a million downloads later… I ran into a coworker who told me 10 years ago it was none other than my site he watched a video on which initiated him becoming more religious. He was amazed how our paths crossed now and how I left Islam.


When I created Verse By Verse Quran it was the same goal – to provide a resource for those making Quran sites to share the recitation. That project was open source and most of the major Quran sites use my work including Quran.com, Tanzil, and most of the Quran apps on iPhone and Android as well.

When I gave up the site 2 years ago it was getting anywhere from 700 to 2000 downloads per second. Must be more now.

I still am following the same motivation. To leave the world better than I got it.

To help people live better more fulfilling lives. To reduce pain and suffering. We need to help each other as fellow humans. We don’t have anyone else


One thought on “Why did I build two big Islamic sites?

  1. I really enjoy reading and learning about Islam and the concept for ‘god’ from you as an Ex-Muslim. As a fellow Atheist who so once fervently believed in the divine – God. I now see just how ‘blind’ I really was. I have to say that your logic and crystal clear commentary make the understanding to your arguments very easy. Keep the posts coming.

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