One thought on “Videos on Dhul Qarnayn

  1. There are so very many details in the Dhul Qarnayn story that come straight out of the “Romance of Alexander” (Pseudo-Callisthenes), that we may not reasonably doubt that it is a bad plagiarism of the latter. At the time the Koran was composed, there were Greek, Latin, Armenian and Syriac texts of this story in circulation. It is most probable that the Koran incorporated Pseudo-Callisthenes into its pages whether knowingly or as a monumental blunder. The geographical errors, cosmological errors, historical errors and unexplained ideas in the Koran (that are explained in Pseudo-Callisthenes) show the hand of very careless editor who incorporated Pseudo-Callisthenes into the story of Mohammed’s prophecy without considering the risk of doing so! The Dhul Qarnayn story in the Koran shows conclusively that the Koran is a forgery.

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