The State of Islam in 2020

Hi everyone. 2020 has been quite a year to say the least. Something for the history books. It’s been five years for me doing this – blogging for a year and YouTubing for four more – but the struggle isn’t over yet. There’s still much to be done.

Hijab is still mandatory in Iran and Saudi and other countries; apostasy is still illegal in many countries; homosexuality can be punished by death and Muslim preachers are still spreading dishonest information about Islam to get people to convert to Islam. Being Muslim, Christian or following any religion is not the issue. It never has been. What is the issue is others wanting to control us to limit our freedoms to not let us leave Islam or choose to live the life the way we want.

So we will continue to stand strong to be brave; to face the fascist system that wants to see us subjugated dhimmis imprisoned or executed. The Muslim brotherhood works within existing systems and governments and frameworks in order to establish Islam. Hezbo Tahrir gives a big middle finger to the democratic system and says, “We want nothing to do with your Kuffar  system. We will establish an Islamic state.” Then you have ISIS who has already established a state and wants to subjugate all of us non-Muslims to their barbaric ways. And then there are the Muslims who aren’t in any group but still fight to push and spread Islam and Islamic law in real life and on the internet.

You have groups like iERA and Yaqeen and Beina institutes which have multi-million dollar budgets to spread Islamic propaganda all over the world. These are worthy opponents. We are the David and they are the Goliath but we can beat them. It’ll be a continual battle because we are fighting religious brainwashing. Something that’s very difficult to undo but here we are.

With so many problems in the world today, why tackle this one? Because that’s where I shine. I have the ability to engage with former believers like nobody else. The effort I spend on this project pays high dividends. more than anything else I can contribute to democracy, secularism and humanism are worth fighting for If you live in one of those countries where these things are missing you know it’s not just worth fighting for but dying for.

Sometimes you don’t know what you have until you lose it. When you speak to someone in Iran who got arrested for making a TickTock or a Christian thrown in jail for blasphemy in Pakistan you know that we have something good that we need to fight for. We can’t take it for granted ever.

We all know that Muslims can be peaceful most of them are Many of them don’t even know just how bad Muhammad was. So that’s where I come in to take off the rose tinted glasses and show them Muhammad for who he was; to show them the flaws in the religion all of them and then they can decide for themselves what to do with information.

Now let’s fight. Let’s take up this mantle in 2021 to make a change for all of us however we can. We’ll look back and we will be like damn that was one hell of a year.

To all of you apostates, free thinkers, dissenters, skeptics, atheists, ex-Muslims and the rest of you “normal people” I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thank you to those of you who have supported me on this journey – for your financial donations, for joining the channel as a member, for your good wishes, for promoting my content. And for sharing my content , engaging with it by writing comments, liking it or just watching all of it.

With your help I now have a small team someone that helps me to get all my new videos subtitled and to post time stamps for the longer interviews and a research assistant to help me with content creation for new videos. This means more videos can be created with the same effort. This is your friendly neighborhood ex-Muslim wishing you all a safe and memorable holiday signing out

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