The Atheist Quran (Parody)

This is great and would be considered the epitome of blasphemy by most Muslims (although the Quran challenges us to come up with something like it)   A lot of it is the exact same structure as the Quran with the words replaced to change the meaning. Its done in a very clever way but I wouldn’t call it linguistically impressive since its a parody. Also the recitation with the tajweed is pretty spot on. 



4 thoughts on “The Atheist Quran (Parody)

  1. You are getting pretty pathetic with your google random search. You should stick to new science discoveries and see how far you can get with your intellect. As one of the founders of Quantum Physics, Werner Heisenberg once said;
    “The first glup from the glass of natural sciences will make you an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.”

    Don’t let your arrogance and desires take over your reality.

    “Have you seen he who has taken as his god his [own] desire, and Allah has sent him astray due to knowledge and has set a seal upon his hearing and his heart and put over his vision a veil? So who will guide him after Allah ? Then will you not be reminded? And they say, “There is not but our worldly life; we die and live, and nothing destroys us except time.” And they have of that no knowledge; they are only assuming.” Quran 45:23-24

    1. Heisenberg’s words are euphemism for the ugly practice of the theist: to hide their God and all their claims to morality in the less discovered areas of science, so that they can have inner peace.

    1. No aspect of the Quran: its intonations, rhymes, its arguments, softens any hearts (Quranic terminology for any quality of the text that exploits emotional weakness to bypass any scrutiny before being accepted by its reader, the very “Sihr” Muhammad condemns.). Rather, it triggers any existing skeptic instinct in the reader, so that accepting most of its statements requires immensely tiring amount of mental gymnastics, cherry-picking, and compartmentalization of incongruous statements, as an indoctrinated Muslim, and that is nowhere close to softening any hearts.

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