Smile 2 Jannah Mocks Muhammad Cartoonist’s Death.

Recently I was shocked, but maybe I shouldn’t have been shocked, when I loaded Twitter and saw a tweet abusing a man who just died. A man by the name of Lars Vilks just died. He had been under police protection since 2007 for drawing the Prophet Muhammad as a dog. 14 years later, he got into a traffic accident and died.

First I saw this horrible tweet by Daniel Haqiqatjou where he mockingly wrote “Hey Lars, I think you may have misunderstood the meaning of “drive-thru”. As abusive and nasty as this is, I wasn’t surprised by this. Daniel has made similar jokes about killing gays.

Why is this so bad?  Because he is dehumanizing this man. He is mocking and belittling his death as if it means nothing.  You see this is the first step on the path of evil. First, they dehumanize you, then they can kill you.  Because if you are labeled as less than human, it becomes easy to take your life.  So this is already horrible.

But the focus on this video is not Daniel but someone else. A popular YouTuber by the name of Zeeshan Ali, aka Smile2Jannah. A guy that comes across as friendly, jovial, and you would think is a good person.  This tweet made me upset enough that I needed to respond to it.

Smile2jannah wrote:

“He drew the Prophet as a dog but died a worse death than a dog’s.  Crushed like a bug, while under police protection.

If protection is not written for you, no army/police in the world can save you.”

There are so many things wrong with this I don’t know where to start. First of all, Lars lived 14 full years after doing this. So Allah took his sweet time, didn’t he?  Seems like he wasn’t in a rush.  If this wasn’t a terrorist attack, then you really still want to attribute this to Allah?  Seems kinda dumb. 

Second of all, and much more importantly, let’s flip the narrative and ask Zeeshan “What about the hundreds or even thousands of Muslims that die every year from traffic accidents? Are they dying deaths worse than dogs?” Would you dare dehumanize them like that? This is the worst part of your religion. It gives you the ability to treat people like this simply because they said something that pissed you off.

Who cares what he drew? Did he send a copy to your mother or father?  Yes, you have the right to be upset or offended or whatever.  But does that mean you dehumanize and belittle his death?

Its pretty damn obvious that this ideology makes an enemy out of those who go against it. Dehumanizing is just the first step. It gets worse than that.  What do you think happens to people like this in Muslim countries? They would not exist. People like me don’t exist.  Heck, even outspoken Muslims who don’t tow the party line like Terence Nunis who I spoke to today would probably be dead.

We can’t respect ideologies that belittle humanity like this. We need to fight them however we can.  We need to show people that the fruits of this system are rotten. 

If the man was rotten then god is dealing with him and he is the least of your concerns.  But to stomp on him after he died shows cruelty and sadism. We all are the same when we die. And it shows that your loyalty is NOT to humanity but to a system that partitions believers and disbelievers into categories.  

FFS Zeeshan AT LEAST you could consider that what if people shit on someone from your community like this when he died?  Ahmed Deedat was a fierce opponent of Christianity. He used to attack the symbols of religion and call it false. When Ahmad Deedat suffered and died do you think that would be right for Christians to abuse him? So if someone abuses your prophet by drawing a picture and saying “this is Muhammad” surely you can understand that this is his imagination and not really the prophet.  

But the fact is your prophet was actually a bad example to humanity. a man who killed those who opposed him including poets. So of course you would think there’s nothing wrong with attacking this man.  You cant physically attack him so you mock his death.

“Crushed like a bug”, you say.  “A death worse than a dog”, you said. I hope all the Muslims who died in car accidents call you out for this stupidity. Your “peace to you” only applies to Muslims and those who comply with your religion.  If you think it’s okay to make jokes about murdering people like “based truck driver” then don’t wonder when we speak against it. 

This is your friendly Exmuslim signing out.


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