Quran is a miracle because its memorized by millions of people


People often assume that because the Quran can be ,and is memorized by millions of people that makes it s divine miracle. Typically it takes about 2 years and lots and lots of repetition but it can be done faster . Not to mention constantly practising the Quran during the 5 daily prayers and reading it cover to cover annually in Ramadan. The reward is no less than you being granted intercession for some family members, a crown of light and honour, l33t status among your family, the right to lead prayers everywhere you go and on and on..

Many Muslims start their kids on this journey from a very young age ,sometimes completing the entire memorization by the age of 12 or even younger. This is mostly done by rote, repeating over and over day after day for 6 hours until its firm in your brain.

I propose an experiment. Offer a reward to memorize a book, any book, anything comparable to the above ,especially if it comes from an oral tradition where stories are memorized and passed down from generation to generation orally. Then see how many people can memorise it.

Say $1000. And that doesn’t even compare to the above “reward” of paradise and the cultural benefits that come along with it.

I am sure you will have tons of people who memorize a book even longer than the Quran.

The number of people who know all the important lines from Star Wars or Harry Potter could also be in the millions, does that make either of them divine miracles?

Jewish children are encouraged to memorise the Torah (slightly more words than the Quran as far as I am aware) at the age of 12. Many go on to memorise the entire Tanakh (Old Testament) by adulthood. The Oral Torah (which ultimately became the Talmud) was passed down by memory for hundreds of years.

A person once told me

Back when I was a good Christian, I memorized several complete books from the New Testament, including all of the gospels of John and Matthew, plus several of Paul’s letters and other large sections. It’s actually a lot easier to do than most people realize.

Also some Hindus do this as well, memorizing and reciting the Vedas. Briefly speaking, the belief is that the sounds are like the building blocks of the universe and reciting them slows the decay of the universe. The techniques of memorization are pretty amazing, 7 different orders, forwards and backwards etc.  Here is a video of them teaching kids in Kerala. The head movements aid in memorization:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMQS03VNU-w

Millions of kids have memorized the Pokémon TV shows word for word.

A proof for divinity? I hardly think so.


6 thoughts on “Quran is a miracle because its memorized by millions of people

  1. now that is the funny part.
    no one is giving a penny to those millions who have memorized the Qur’an.
    as you clearly stated above, you’d have to offer an almost insane amount to someone to have them put so much time,patience and endurance to completely memorize book.
    we are not just talking any book here but but the glorious Qur’an .
    this is a holy book with 114 chapters and 6236 verses all entirely in Arabic .
    not all Muslims speak the Arabic language, yet they know entire Qur’an by heart. Some Muslims make their first contact with the Arabic language via the holy Qur’an and yet succeed in knowing all of it by heart.
    This must be miraculous and if otherwise, I challenge you to bring me any such instance where someone memorizes an entire volume which is written in a language the don’t know to speak nor write

    If you are no longer a Muslim then fine, not every one is meant to succeed in life but there is no cause for you to insult our religion.
    Let me give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are doing this out of ignorance, if it’s guidance you seek, there are more appropriate ways.

    Should any one find my language offending it is unintentional and i sincerely apologize

    1. Well apparently someone is promising not just millions, but a crown of light, intercession for your family members, respect in your family and in your community, being known as the best of people according to Prophet Muhammad (due to you memorizing the most of Quran), having the Quran intercede for you in your grave, and on and on and on…. Tell me, what is better, money, or all of the above?

  2. The argument here is not about money but whether the Qur’an is a miracle or not.
    It is either you don’t know and/or haven’t read what the first post made here says and if this holds untrue, then you did not make the post (no offense)

    You are the one who proposed the experiment above and made it clear it will take a gruesome amount of money to memorize a whole encyclopedia.
    On the other hand you said someone (meaning the Prophet Muhammad ((may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him)) is PROMISING all that you mentioned and much more of which has nothing to do with money.
    Promising means He (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said by word of mouth and we Muslims BELIEVE and the tradition goes on and becoming the fastest growing tradition ever.
    This for the lack of a better word if not considered miraculous it has to be a DIVINE act (unless you can provide just one example where we have millions memorizing a book other than the Qur’an out of belief ).

    Where l come from, a divine act is synonymous to miracle
    As you might know the Qur’an has plenty of miracles, don’t mind sharing them with you if interested

    1. The argument here is that the reason so many people have memorized the Quran is not necessarily because it is easy to memorize, but because people put a lot of effort into memorizing it.

      Why do people put a lot of effort? Word of God, Eternal paradise, respect of a Hafiz, and so on…

      Now if everyone was able to memorize the Quran in a single fast read, then that would be something strange. Unfortunately, that is not true. Most people memorize the Quran in months, or years, of effort.

  3. I have memorized the entire Quran and I have also studied graduate level biology. There is no way that you can memorize the biology textbooks with the same ease as Quran. Not even close. Now is this proof of divinity of Quran, well probably not. It can be used as part of what makes the Quran an amazing work. But I don’t think you can use that as sole proof of divinity. However for you to say that Quran is as easily memorized as any random book is simply untrue.

  4. Quite astonished by the weakness of the argument. One is a ‘material’ and ‘immediate’ rewards whilst the other is not, so where is the comparison? its a fallacy. Amazing lengths that uneducated ex-Muslims will go through in order to postulate preposterous hypotheses in order to deter others into the same false sense of reality that they find themselves in.

    The crux of the argument loses its lustre when we consider the fact that the passage of time is against you in proving your point. furthermore, how will you use the example of one person in comparison to thousands over 1400yrs? How will the theory prove its validity? simple testable ideas out of the window?

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