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  1. Hi Abdullah,

    I enjoyed your, leaving Islam, video and the interview with your wife one too. At the end of the first one I watched you question if there is a God and what motives he might have if any.

    I believe you are a parent correct? As a parent what is it that you hope for your children? I think most would say for them to be healthy, happy, intelligent, bright etc… or to even be all the best of your qualities and much greater. To make good choices using good insight and logic.

    I believe God is a loving father (parent) first and a great creator (scientist) second. I believe he has all knowledge and understanding of the universes. I don’t believe any of the current religious text do justice to his understanding and creative abilities. I don’t believe the gift of creation was just given to him without any effort on his part.

    We are endowed with a bit of this creative power here on earth. And even if we love and support our creations there is no guarantee our creations will love us or support us back. Free will… that is the only way our creations can learn to crawl then stand. Oh there will be many bumps and bruises along the way but hopefully our love and support helped shore up there frames to support themselves and others along the way too. It is up to them who they choose to become. Shouldn’t this be the mind set of any loving parent? Of course a prod here and there wouldn’t hurt now and then but for the most part you would want them to make good decisions based on experience. Is there another way that is best to gain the wisdom that comes from the experience of self choice?

    God is not completely silent but he must allow free will to all. That means butting out. Except for the occasional prod. Is that not what you possibly had with your questions. Prodding you until you finally answered. It was not given but was studied out in your own mind. It wouldn’t possibly had the same effect if someone else said believe me this is true, just trust me?

    So my question is if god is such a loving parent(first). Why wouldn’t he welcome us home and give us all his knowledge, experience, wisdom and creative abilities? I mean isn’t that what we want for our children here on earth? Do you think maybe they might abuse these powers if they weren’t earned and respected?

    Look at this world the kids that have (material wealthy) its never enough. And the kids that don’t have are always wanting. But there must be free will in order to gain Gods trust and to choose to respect his life giving light.

    Can you imagine his eternal life giving power in an unlearned teens possession. I think that’s why we all are here on earth. Teenagers learning how to make the best choices for ourselves our lives and those around us. Yeah some will fail some will do better and sadly only a few will receive such glory. But those that do, will they have not earned it. I believe God is a merciful God and there are many kingdoms and levels of glory and each of us will be awarded accordingly thru Jesus Christ Atoning sacrifice.

    God Bless you always.

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