PART 2: Former Muslim Convert and Ex-Muslim Salafi Aboo Imraan Interview

In part two of the interview with former Muslim convert and ex-Muslim agnostic humanist Aboo Imraan, we continue with the discussion on his life as a Salafi Muslim and his journey out of faith. We start off with Aboo’s life in Atlanta Georgia and how he learned Arabic and became a translator for various publishers as well as some of the books he translated.

We also touched on his second marriage, his hijrah to Egypt, and how his experiences in Muslim majority countries (Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) sparked his doubts on the concept of hijrah. Aboo recounts the infighting between various Muslim sects, being exposed to tafsir that give views that are different from the standard Salafi narratives, and attending teachings by Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan.

Aboo was gracious enough to open up about how Islam affected different facets of his life as a Salafi Muslim. He discusses his marriages and dating life and his experiences of being rejected by his wife and losing his daughter because he was no longer a Muslim. He also discusses how strenuous his relationship with his mother became as he delved deep into Salafism and his efforts to repair this relationship once he left Islam.

This conversation finally turned to how Aboo first learned about ex-Muslims and the ex-Muslim movement. He also details what made him quit faith altogether, his life after faith, and what drives his activism.

You don’t want to miss this riveting 2 part interview, now available on the Friendly Exmuslim YouTube channel.

Part 1:

Part 2:

2 thoughts on “PART 2: Former Muslim Convert and Ex-Muslim Salafi Aboo Imraan Interview

  1. Hello, Abdullah Sameer!

    I’m an ex-muslim and I was wondering why you haven’t made a video on the Noahs flood yet. Actually, I don’t think any ex-muslim youtuber has made a video on it which is quite unfortunate and a missed opportunity. In my opinion, it is one of the strongest proofs against Islam. The story is absolutely ludicrous and demonstrably false. I have written a post on a subreddit called r/exmuslim:

    If you want to make a video on it, you are free to use my arguments. I have plenty sources backing up my claims.

    I was watching a discussion on “Hamzas den” the other day where an atheist asked them about the flood to which they all replied with “it was local” which is not supported by any classical scholar. You could expose their falsehood.

    Thank you for reading and take care!

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