On Criticizing Religion

Why I think the freedom to criticize religion is a right we should fight for.

Can I ask you. Do not Muslim scholars and speakers criticize and attack other religions on a daily basis? I have heard many scholars criticize Christianity and say the Bible does not support Jesus being God. Infact the Quran itself severely criticizes other religions and even calls people deaf dumb and blind. In other verses it says certain people are cursed by God and in other places says that they are losers.

Muslim preacher will share their conclusions about the Bible being wrong. They do this everyday. Rarely a Christian goes and threatens to kill them. Why are Muslims doing this? Is violence the way of Islam?

If you have a problem with me criticizing Islam, you should realize I dont have a problem with your personal beliefs, whether you are Chrsitian Hindu Buddhist or Muslim doesnt matter.. but I do think that I have a right to speak the same way that Muslim preachers and individuals have a right to say what they think is right.

This is why democracy is the best way. And secularism is the best. We can discuss respectfully and correct each other if we are wrong.

Personally I dont care what religion you follow. I dont have a problem with Muslims. Most of my friends are Muslims still. But I dont want to live in a world where religion is forced onto others. The Islamic law is unfair to minorities. It gives better treatment to Muslims and Non-Muslims (Dhimmis) are treated a second class. I dont want to live in a world where people are stoned for adultery and homosexuals are killed and murdered.Where questioning is frowned upon and obedience is celebrated.

And I definitely DON’T want to live in a world where people are NOT free to choose their own religion. Why should someone who was born as Muslim be forced to live as a Muslim? If Islam is so superior, why do you need violence to stop people from leaving it?

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  1. Abdullah Sameer, can I talk to you a little bit about your article regarding the linguistic miracle of the Holy Quran? And no, I have no intention to convert you to Islam. I just found many errors in it. So why not have a polite discussion?

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