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  1. Hello Abdullah! Your Facebook video was linked on the exmuslim sub in Reddit. Since I didn’t want to comment on your video with my real Facebook account, I thought to comment here and I hope it reaches you.

    Firstly, I (and other exmuslims) am so inspired by your bravery to create a video in spite of the backlash you must have known you’d face. Reading the comments in response to your video is disheartening, proving that no one can ever leave Islam peacefully.

    Secondly, should you ever feel the need for support, feel free to drop by or even post in the exmuslim sub. We would love to have you around with your thoughts and ideas now that you’ve been liberated.

    Please extend my best wishes to your family. I hope you guys have stayed safe. Take care.

  2. I just want to tell you that please contact to Dr Zakir Naik, I can advice you many scholars but IN SHA ALLAH Dr Zakir Naik is enough for you to get all answers of your doubts. My sincere suggestion is for you please talk to him once before you make anymore wrong things. Allah SWT may guide you again on right path. Ameen

    1. Sohail, I encourage everyone to always verify what people say, and not to just blindly accept what they tell you just because they sound convincing or can win a debate

      I’ve listened to him many times but I’m afraid as I’ve said before I find him dishonest, a manipulator, ,Televangelist’,.Quite a sectarianist and scientifically lost. He does have some great attributes as a salesman and has a great memory but. I say dishonest but really I find him a liar.


  3. Thank you for being so brave Abdullah – it takes so much courage to even investigate claims that have been ingrained since childhood.

    It is vital that we understand and know the truth about the faiths that form the basis of our upbringing. We cannot blindly follow something without thoroughly researching and authenticating its origins and validity.

    It is standing on a high pillar without ever checking its foundations. One feels high, but has failed the most basic test of reason.

    Enjoy living a life free from dogma.

  4. Good video, I recently made much the same decision regarding christianity. For me it started finally with something from Hemant Mehta (Friendly Athiest) about Noah’s ark and how none of it makes sense when looked at from a modern scientific view. And doubt grew and grew and I started looking at more ahtiest materials until I know now I was believing in mythology.

    I have no idea where you live but I hope you stay safe wherever you are and applaud your courage!

  5. Hello Abdullah,

    I was impressed by your measured tone in this video, and how much Islam had meant to you originally. I too have become atheist, from Hinduism, a faith of metaphors which, after exposure to different cultures and perspectives, didn’t suffice anymore.

    But there is wisdom, I think, in faiths, aside from belief in deity. For instance, many religions urge us to beware of materialism. What do you think?

  6. Why is it that so many things that have been said in the Quran which was revealed over 1400 years ago are now being proved by scientists? Does that not make you think? I would love to know. May Allah guide us all on the right path.
    Those leaving Islam have lost their only key to Jannah.

    1. Like what? Mohammad slicing the moon? Nope no scientist have ever verified that mate!
      Get some real scientific evidence!

  7. There’s a being out there? What does that exactly mean? You sound so confused in your video. You left Islam for what?

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