Moral and Scientific Issues in the Quran and Hadith with @Critical Faculty

In this episode, I was joined by @Critical Faculty to discuss his path out of Islam. We kicked off the podcast by discussing Critical Faculty’s religious background and how he ended up in Islam. We also talked about how his family molded his views and philosophy when it comes to religion.


Critical Faculty and I then delved into the paradox of free will in Islam. We talked about how free will and the main Islamic God narrative are incompatible yet some Muslim apologists and scholars still find a twisted way to explain it. We also discussed evolution and Scientism.


Later in the episode, we also took questions and comments from the live chat. The questions were from a wide range of topics including Islamic morality, Quran compilation, and preservation as well as Scientific issues in the Quran. 


This was such a lively and interactive episode and I hope you will enjoy listening to the conversation.  


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