Interview with Singaporean Muslim Convert Terence Kenneth John Nunis

For this episode, I was joined by Terence Kenneth John Nunis, a Singaporean Muslim convert. He grew up as a devout Catholic until his late teenage years when he converted to Islam. We kicked off the interview with Terence sharing his background as a Christian, his journey searching for the truth, and how it led him to Islam.

Terence and I then talked about why he thinks that controversial Muslim apologists like Dr. Zakir Naik and Nouman Ali Khan must be banned from Singapore. We discussed the impacts of Muslim apologists of their ilk on the Muslim community and Muslim apologetics. We then delved into the importance of having free speech and democracy without taking such concepts to the extreme.

The conversation then moved onto  Terence’s views on Sunni tafsir and how each mufassir’s own personal baggage, prejudices, and limitations as humans of their own time affect the tone of the tafsir. Terence then explained the need to be less dogmatic and to apply logic when learning tafsir to determine which ones are valid and applicable in the contemporary world. 

We also discussed the various schools of thought in Sunni Islam and Terence’s points of contentions with some of the schools of thought. This led to a discussion about various Sunni hadith including the ones on apostasy, fornication, and blasphemy. Terence then explained the “traditional Muslim” position on hadith and what makes a hadith sahih and if a hadith can supersede a verse in the Quran. 

The discussion then turned to the state of affairs in the Muslim world and tokenism of Muslim converts by Muslims who were born in Islam. We ended the interview on the topic of the Sufi Tariqas’ corruption scheme and how they are exploiting their fellow Muslims.

I hope you will enjoy listening to this interview!

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