Hate Speech Towards Disbelievers In The Quran

A Muslim once accused me of spreading bigotry and hate. I told him I do no such thing. I stand for human rights for all regardless of skin, color, race, religion, or sexuality. I do, however, speak out against bad ideas, and religions are ideas and ideas do not have rights.

There’s nothing wrong with discussing why you agree or disagree with communism, Christianity, Nazi-ism, Buddhism, atheism, or Islam. But there’s an important distinction to make. The Quran actually attacks not just disbelief, but disbelievers.

The point of this article  is to highlight the hypocrisy of those Muslims who wanna silence dissent against Islam under the guise of hate speech and Islamophobia, while ignoring the hateful statements contained in their favorite holy book. The Muslims believe the Quran talks about specific incidents that happened in Mohammed’s life while containing lessons and divine guidance for all of eternity. Because the Quran is a book born of a hostile situation between Mohammed and his enemies, what you will find is that hostility and antagonism is frozen in time.

When you read the following verses, ask yourself, Does this book foster peace and mutual cooperation, or bring hatred, contempt and antagonism?

“The example of those who disbelieve is like that of one who shouts at what hears nothing, but calls and cries cattle or sheep deaf, dumb and blind. So they do not understand.” – Quran 2:171.


“Verily! The worst of living creatures with Allah are the deaf and the dumb, those who understand not, i.e. the disbelievers.” – Quran 8:22

What was that? Who are the worst creatures? Those who disbelieved.


“Indeed, the worst of living creatures in the sight of Allah are those who will have disbelieved, and they will not ever believe.” – Quran 8:55.

May Allah destroy the Jews and Christians?

“The Jews say, ‘Ezra is the son of Allah,’ and the Christians say, ‘The Messiah is the son of Allah.’ That is their statement from their mouths, the imitate the saying of those who disbelieved. May Allah destroy them; how are they deluded?” – Quran 9:30.

Please note the statement described here about Jews worshiping Ezra is actually false, but don’t let that get in the way of Allah cursing them. Interestingly, this is saying to Jews and Christians, “May Allah destroy them.” Would this sort of statement ever be allowed if it wasn’t in a holy book?

Look, the Quran again is talking about Jews and Christians:

“Indeed, they who disbelieve among the People of the Scripture and the polytheists will be in the fire of Hell, abiding eternally therein. Those are the worst of creatures.” – Quran 98:6.

Then, it says the disbelievers are filth.

“O you have believed, indeed the polytheists are unclean.” – Quran 9:28.

Please note, some say they are spiritually filthy, as if that makes it better. Allah cursing them again and setting up his eternal fire, slash barbecue:

“Indeed, Allah has cursed the disbelievers and prepared for them a Blaze.” -Quran 33:64

Hmm, interesting, so we can say God has cursed disbelievers. That’s okay?

“Indeed, those would disbelieve and die While the disbelievers, upon them will be the curse of Allah and of the angels and the people.” – Quran 2:161

(chuckles) “All together.”

Interestingly here, even humans and angels are joining in the cursing festival. Seems like a favorite pastime of Allah.

Then, we have prayers to get victory over disbelievers. Instead of praying for humanity to be at peace, it’s always about dominance and victory over the disbelievers. Such an antagonistic, hostile, hateful world-view.

In the end of Quran 226:

“You are our protector, so give us victory over the disbelieving people.”

Sometimes, it’s translated as, “Aid us,” or “Help us over the disbelieving people and give us victory over the disbelieving people.”

Again, Quran 3:147 and in the following list, Allah promises he will never let the disbelievers win. Why is it always a fight?

“And never will Allah give the disbelievers over the believers a way to overcome them.”


Quran 4:441 – “Don’t take them as allies.”

We wouldn’t want to live in a peaceful world where we work together peacefully, as allies, would we?

“O you who have believed, do not take the disbelievers as allies instead of the believers. Do you wanna give Allah against yourselves, a clear case?” – Quran 4:144.

Hm, interesting. So you’re not supposed to be allies with believers? And sometimes, it’s even translated as friends. Be stern against disbelievers?

“O you who have believed, whoever of you should revert from his religion, Allah will bring forth, in place of them, a people He will love and who will love him. Humble toward the believers, mighty or powerful against the disbelievers,” Quran 5:54.

Hm. Why do we need to be mighty against disbelievers? What’s wrong with this book? Protect each other from disbelievers?

“The Unbelievers are protectors, one of another. Unless you do this, protect each other, there would be tumult and oppression on earth, and great mischief.” – Quran 8:73.

Hmm. Again, it’s us versus them. And look at this, what this verse says. It says Jews hate Muslims.

“You will surely find the most intense of the people in animosity towards the believers to be the Jews and those who associate others with Allah; and you will find the nearest of them in infection to the believers those who say, ‘We are Christians.’ – Quran 5:82.

Mm. Again, how is it okay to make such a blanket statement like that, describing Christians as closest to Muslims, and Jews as those who hate Muslims? How is it okay to say such a thing?

Look what it says now, prepare an army to terrorize them.

“And let not those with disbelief think that they will escape. Indeed, they will not cause failure to Allah. And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others beside them. Whom you do not know, but whom Allah knows. And whatever you spend in the cause of Allah, it will be fully repaid to you and you will not be wronged.” – Quran 8:59-60.

So we’re supposed to prepare steeds of war, I guess Allah thought horses would be there forever, and prepare to fight against disbelievers? Again, what the hell? Really, Allah? All you think about is who are the disbelievers?

In conclusion, the Quran does not foster goodwill towards the disbelievers. It contains hatred in many forms, such as prayers, dehumanizing descriptions, curses, and general statements of hostility.

It is hypocritical for Muslims to claim it’s hate speech to criticize Islam, while spreading a doctrine that is full of hate. Ideas do not deserve rights, people deserve rights. Unlike Mohammed’s Quran, I do not condone attacking groups of people, only ideas.

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