Grooming Minds (Video)

Child indoctrination is an act of subjugation, colonizing a human brain in its most impressionable state with an ideology its simply not equipped to process. An ideology that will extend a far reach over the child’s life. Signing up needs to be an act of informed consent, not a power based child coercion that bypasses coercion generation after generation. We wouldn’t abide by it in politics, we shouldn’t abide it in religion. We need to put an end to this inexcusable practice of grooming minds.
Instead of forcing your kids, do everything you can to teach your kids all the available religions and the options of none. Learn logic and logical fallacies and argumentation. Teach them about manipulations through emotional appeals. Teach them about psychological biases humans possess. In short, do everything you can to equip your child with critical thinking skills and immunize it against exploitation. Give them all the reasons why they should believe what you believe, and then let your child believe what they want to. If you are on the right beliefs, they will chose your religion.

See the video:

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