This episode is the 6th installment in the series ‘The Epileptic Prophet’ in which Abdullah Gondal and I tackle the question of Muhammad’s mental health and possible epilepsy. Our aim is to provide an alternative explanation to  Muhammad’s supposed prophethood from a neurological perspective. In this episode, we explore Muhammad’s possible OCD, violence, and hypergraphia.

We started the episode by discussing Muhammad’s narcissism. We presented an excerpt of an interview by Dr. Ali Sina in which he explains Muhammad’s narcissistic traits and possible causes for such levels of narcissism. Gondal and I then went on to talk about Muhammad’s delusions of grandeur.

The conversation then moved on to Muhammad’s hallucinations including his purported friendship with angel Gabriel. We went through various hadith and seerah which document such hallucinations. Another issue we discussed is Muhammad’s supposed visions and how questionable his claims are. We talked about the hadith in which the angel Gabriel supposedly visited Muhammad and taught him how to pray and perform ablution. Lastly, we compared the hallucinations and visions to those of contemporary epileptic patients who also have OCD and hypergraphia.

We ended the conversation on the topic of violence and epilepsy. We discussed how epilepsy patients sometimes have a tendency to be violent or to incite violence. Gondal and I then went through various Quranic verses as well as hadith which document Muhammad’s violence, the vigilantism, and forced conversions of prisoners of war that Muhammad encouraged. We also discussed the Banu Qurayza massacre.

This episode was very eye-opening and I invite you to take a listen. 

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