This episode is the 5th installment in the series ‘The Epileptic Prophet’ in which Abdullah Gondal and I tackle the question of Muhammad’s mental health and possible epilepsy. Our aim is to provide an alternative explanation to  Muhammad’s supposed prophethood from a neurological perspective. 

We kicked off the episode by discussing behavioral changes/characteristics attributed to interictal behavior in temporal lobe epilepsy. We compared these characteristics to those of Muhammad as described in various hadith corpus and other Islamic literature. Gondal and I then presented a clip by Dr. Ali Sina detailing Muhammad’s narcissism and how it fits in perfectly with the theory that Muhammad was an epileptic.

We also discussed Muhammad’s anger issues and how he would overreact to small provocations. We cited various hadith which report that Muhammad’s face would turn red due to anger even while delivering teachings. In other hadith it is reported that he would get extremely angry when questioned by his companions and at one time he threw a tantrum after missing the angel Gabriel.

The conversation then moved on to the topic of Muhammad’s anxiety. We discussed how mundane things like gusty winds, clouds, thunder, and lightning would trigger Muhammad’s anxiety. We also talked about Muhammad’s weird fixation with praying for the dead. We went through various hadith that show Muhammad running to the graveyard sometimes during the dead of the night purportedly to pray for the dead.

We finished the episode on the topic of Capgras and how it affects epileptic patients. We went through various hadith and Seerah which show how Muhammad used to confuse Dhiya Kalbi for Gabriel. 

We invite you to take a listen to this detailed and entertaining episode.

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