This is the third installment of our series “The Epileptic Prophet’, Abdullah Gondal and I continued where we left off last time. In this series, we tackle the issue of Prophet Muhammad’s neurological problems and possible epilepsy.

For this episode, we started off by giving a quick recap of the previous two episodes of this series. We went through Dr. Abbas’s explanation of Muhammad’s convulsions, some videos of contemporary epilepsy patients having convulsions and then we compared their symptoms to what is reported in the hadith corpus as Muhammad’s condition while receiving revelation. We also responded to Farid and his cousin’s ill-informed assertion that Muhammad did not experience secondary generalization. We presented various accounts(both from Islamic Scholars and secular scholars) that reported Muhammad as having secondary generalizations.

The conversation then moved on to more symptoms experienced by Muhammad while receiving revelation. These include severe trembling, teeth clattering/ grinding teeth, convulsions and fainting, snotting like a camel, headaches, and head twitching. We also discussed how Muhammad’s friends wrongly attributed these symptoms to the heaviness of the revelation. We also presented more footage of modern-day epilepsy patients having seizures and drew parallels between them and Muhammad.

This was such a heavily researched and detailed presentation, I hope you enjoy it.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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