Early understandings of Nun and the Whale story in the Quran

If the Quran is completely perfect and its best understood by those scholars who dedicated their lives to understand its context then why did many highly reliable scholars understand it as a whale story? If the best Islamic scholars were dead wrong, why ask me to speak to today’s Islamic scholars?

If people that spent their entire lives understanding the Quran and got it wrong, how can we understand it today?



2 thoughts on “Early understandings of Nun and the Whale story in the Quran

  1. Nowhere in Koran or Hadith FROM PROPHET does it say anything about whale holding earth. That story comes from a Sahaba Abdullah ibn Abbas who learnt a lot of tales and superstitions from Jewish sources and narrated some of them to is1amic scholars. The classical scholars never knew at that time what earth looked like from outside so of course they had no way of verifying if that story was true or not. So they just gave what was their best opinion at that time. But now it’s obvious that we can reject this story that Ibn Abbas learned from the Jews. Whenever we take information from Jew/Christian scriptures our attitude is that “we don’t know if it’s true or not, A11ah knows best”


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