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  1. ***Lol. Sorry, but the existence of Jesus, the fact that He died by crucifixion, that people believed He could do miracles, and that His disciples had resurrection experiences shortly after the crucifixion and believed that He was God (which He is) are all universally accepted historical facts among scholars and historians, regardless of whether they are Christians, Atheists, skeptics, etc. It’s well attested to not only in the New Testament (which are considered Greco-Roman biographies by the way) but also by non-Biblical Christian, Jewish, and Roman historical sources. The idea that He never existed would be committing intellectual suicide. Additionally, based on the historical facts we know and are agreed upon, the physical resurrection of Jesus is the only logical and consistent conclusion we can come to of the resurrection account. All other alternatives are simply too full of holes.

    ***For those who toss it aside simply because their narrow worldview does not allow the for the supernatural, Greg Keener has written a 2 volume scholarly work called Miracles: The Credibility Of The New Testament Accounts, which gives a huge list of various reported miracles from around the world, showing that it is not “the uniform human experience that miracles don’t happen” as some Atheists like to claim.

    Here, educate yourself, here’s a few sources to read and watch and get you started, I got a lot more if you want, just let me know:
    *See the first video: “Zeitgeist Debunked: Jesus Is Not A Copy Of Pagan Gods”. You’ll see quotes from Atheist scholars about the historicity of Jesus about halfway through the video (but don’t skip – a Roman historian is even quoted). The first half is debunking the idea that Jesus was copied from pagan gods – mostly all made up. Bart Erman is even quoted. The rest of the videos on this page also deal with this subject, debunking various individual supposed pagan god connections.

    The Gospels! Early Church Fathers on the early Authorship of the NT Gospels by the Apostles. Appointment of the twelve.

    Islam Critiqued – a channel on Youtube also has a new series covering Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and how early and authentic authorship is attributed to the Gospels. In some of them, you’ll see how what some secular scholars used to believe was totally shot down by discoveries.

    More resources – note, some of the video links given have since been taken down, but I’m sure you can still find them elsewhere if you search:

    ***As a side note: have you ever heard of the Shroud of Turin? Not necessary to prove the resurrection of Jesus, but it is a nice complementary piece of evidence. It’s the most scientifically studied artifact in history. It is not a burn mark from a simple tool, nor paint, nor dye. The initial carbon dating verified to have been taken from a piece of medieval patchwork after it has survived a fire (carbon dating has it’s own flaws anyways, and can be used as a time limiter for the age of the Earth, Dinosaurs, fossil fuels, etc), and further evidence has put it at the time of Christ. It is a photo negative image on a piece of pure linen cloth bearing the image of a scourged & crucified man, the image of which is only composed on the very tips of the fibrils making up the threads of the fabric, extremely fragile. Scientists who have studied it have also found that it (a flat image) contains 3D information, that in order to create the image it would take a pulse/flash of (ultraviolet?) light, the speed of which, and the intensity of which, we cannot match with our modern laser technology, and that in order for the image to have been created in full detail of how it is, the front and back of the cloth (in a U shape around the body) would have had to have been stretched tight/flat and the body levitating between the two at the moment the event happened – the lady who discovered this said it was a singularity.

    ***Prophesy alone, and the odds of Jesus fulfilling what He did is also huge proof of a Divine fingerprint. Jesus’ birth, identity, life ministry, miracles, and mission, death, resurrection, and various other aspects of His life, were all foretold in Scripture. For example, go read Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah 9:6-7, Isaiah 53, Psalm 2, Daniel 7:13-14, Jeremiah 23:5-6, Micah 5:2, etc.

    ****PS, notice you seem to be a fan of Bart Erman. He’s sloppy in his work, uses textual criticisms in ways they can’t be used, and seems (based on video clips Muslims have sent me) to ignore manuscript evidence we have and misrepresent it, as well as early church testimony from the first century. Look at guys like William Lane Craig, Lee Strobel, David Wood, etc.

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