Cactusboi leaves Islam and Muslim TikTok freaks out

We are now seeing how fickle the Muslim community’s support and “love” is. They went from fawning over a Muslim convert to hating him in a matter of days. We are seeing that Islam is a one-way street. Once you enter, you can’t leave it. Or you can…but at great risk. We’re seeing how conditional the Muslim community’s love is. But I already knew that. I went from beloved to hated in a matter of weeks over leaving Islam. But this isn’t about me.

So I have some big news. You know the tides of Islam turned when Hamza, the uncle of Muhammad, converted to Islam. And then Omar Al Khattab converted, that was another big win. And finally when Khalid b. Walid converted, it was over. We now have our Omar. Paul (Cactusboi) has now left Islam. Now the Muslim TikTok Ummah will be shaking. Okay okay, I’m just kidding guys. We shouldn’t base winning and losing on popular personalities or large accounts coming or going from Islam. It’s normal to be tribal and to see things like wins and losses. But that’s not what counts. The truth is never measured by numbers. Popularity doesn’t always make right.

So let’s stick to what’s important. A young man found his way out of the faith and he can make an impact. It’s going to be tough because the community is out to get him now. Here are excerpts of their frenzy on TikTok:

“Must be upsetting knowing we don’t give candies out when you leave Islam. And I know it must be really hard for you. When you left Islam you expected this whole hooray parade bro. Nobody cares about you anymore. You’re just a kafir. Live your life bro. Stop talking. I think 3 days before your bio changes to ex-Muslim. Alas, you left Islam just leave it. We gave you our money and support. You don’t want it we don’t care And if you make videos we will make them and we have dealt with smarter people than you. Don’t worry, you’re not special. Allah is the greatest.”

The Muslim dawah guys are literally panicking now. 8 of them, many of them big dawah guys on TikTok were all collaborating to try to deal with this issue. They weren’t sure what to say about it except that He is an awful guy who needs to be silenced.

It takes great intellectual courage to leave Islam when you have a large audience. I mean think of all the frauds out there who milk the ummah, who play the righteous imam or pious boy in order to get more money and fame. For him to give this all up now for ZERO BENEFIT and actually, a great risk shows that this is a real man. Someone that cares for the truth and is going to stand up for what he believes in. 

So what happened? How did he leave Islam? Certain issues just didn’t sit well with him. The whole idea of killing gays doesn’t make sense under ANY context as he said. Forcing women to have sex in a relationship, under threat of angels cursing her didn’t make sense either. Both are very good points No matter how many times someone tries to explain this away, it just won’t sit right with some people because they have a heart. Paul is one of those people.

Apparently, these Muslim Dawah guys think that just because they offered him help and offered to talk to him, that this should have been good enough. What they don’t understand is that some things will never sit well because they’re truly messed up. And being a convert sometimes means you’re more open-minded and no so sunk deeply into this mess and therefore you can see your way out of it. I’m happy for him that he doesn’t have to live the rest of his life invested in this dumb religion that causes more harm than benefit.

“Ooh, when people convert to Islam we give them clout. We follow them and make them famous. We should stop doing this.”


So apparently now they’re saying we need to stop putting converts on pedestals. Yes, I think you should stop doing that. It’s idiotic. But of course, we can understand the appeal. A young white man who found peace from his troubles in Islam, who prayed away his anxiety and depression. It’s a story that all of us want to hear, especially when he is one of us. And then when this young man speaks well and has a nice personality and presents Islam in a good way, it’s no surprise his platform grew.


Adel Ghaban, one of the large Muslim TikTokers admitted openly in the live stream on TikTok yesterday that he’s scared of what Paul is going to do with his platform. They fear the damage he can do to the Dawah movement and so they are trying to get him off TikTok. Already the masses have started reporting him and threats have started behind the scenes towards him.

Ali Dawah also in the same stream told Muslims that they all need to unfollow him. “Paul is not Muslim, so don’t follow him anymore!” That wasn’t enough though. They’re now also trying their very best to belittle him and make him look like a bad guy. Yes, the Mohammad Hijab tactic. The same one they tried to use on me: Let’s try to make him look like he was a fake Muslim, he is a terrible guy who used the community. 

They are so petty that Adel and others are shoving it in his face that they donated to his GoFundMe he created for his dad’s health issues. Can you imagine how slimy these guys are to shove it in his face?

“Who has been an ex-Muslim for a whole 5 seconds already making videos against us. Infidel might be jealous. My boy went switch teams real quick. Man, I’m so sorry that the Muslim community that raised $20 000 for you must be really horrible. You Know, the one that took you in with open arms. You know the one that found every excuse to forgive you; you know the one that me and every other guy message privately seeing if you needed anything. But apparently, you just disagreed with us and that’s it. We went crazy. Must have been hilarious of a joke when infidel noodle said that she is gonna recite Fatiha in the bathroom and you laugh. Get it straight Paulie we didn’t change, you did.”


Are you trying to say you donated to him because he was doing something for you? Are you trying to say you only supported him because he was a white convert talking positively about Islam? Shame on you for even bringing this up. If you really did it for the sake of Allah, shut your mouth and keep quiet about the good you did. You had no right, you have no right to dangle it in front of his face as if he owes you something for that. Unless you’re just a bunch of slime-balls who give in expectation of getting something back. “Oh, we’ll support him as LONG as he supports us.

Paul’s a good guy. I always felt that when interacting with him. It’s just that he ended up in the wrong religion. Now that he has left it, we welcome him to our “ummah” and ask Flying Spaghetti Monster to send him many blessings, r’amen.

If only the world was such so that someone leaving Christianity and becoming Muslim was as easy as someone leaving Islam. They’ve already started the offensive against Paul. Mocking his sick father, abusing him, threatening him, attacking him in the comments. We need to flip this with positive moral support for Paul and for other people who’re leaving Islam.


So welcome to the Ummah. I wish I had better news that leaving Islam would be like joining Islam, but it isn’t. So we will continue to fight until it is and we will be here for you

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