Brother Ismail responds to death threats

Brother Ismail, who has been posting videos on his journey from Islam and doing nothing but quote Islamic sources for the reasons why, has been receiving a lot of hate mail.  Not just hate mail, but death threats.  Speaking out against Islam is not easy, because you not only have to face rotten tomatoes from the crowd, but death threats as well.  Most of the time these are empty threats but sometimes your life can actually be in danger.  So let me ask you, why would we want to do such a thing?  Well, because some of us want to live according to the truth, and share what we think is correct, despite the consequences.     You can read more about Why I do this. Religion has some good and bad ideas.  We need to move away from these bad ideas and only stick to the good ones.  One alternative philosophy to religion is ‘Secular Humanism’.

I will also be making videos soonish, and I will also have to face the same death threats that he is facing.

I hope for a world where we can be free to criticize or discuss ideas without threat of violence and terror.  Be safe, my brother and friend.


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