4 thoughts on “Atheists less likely to cheat

  1. When you choose to be an atheist person, you will get very big question on how this universe was created.
    The answer from atheist stand point was so unlogical.
    Universe was created by nature ..and no purpose of creating this very complex nature rule???

    1. Yes, it is very possible that this universe truly has no purpose. It’s billions and billions of galaxies, the vast majority of that is empty space. Before Earth was created the universe was there for 8 billion years. If humans are really fulfilling some grand purpose I don’t see it.

  2. Prabawo, it’s a very egocentric view to think that the universe ‘must’ exist specifically for humans in some way, especially given its immense size and overwhelming inhospitality to human life.

    You also label an atheistic conclusion as illogical, but you yourself are not using any data or evidence, just emotional reasoning.

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