Are you angry at God?

People sometimes wonder, “Are you atheist because you are angry at God?” Did something happen to you that you are not able to accept? Maybe the loss of a loved one, a bad life situation, or maybe you missed out on life because you were too religious or because you hate to submit? Maybe you are sad or depressed and need counselling?

This question belies a deep misunderstanding of the atheist position.
We are atheist because the burden of proof for God has not been met. There hasn’t been a good enough reason to believe in the existence of deities.
Let us take my example. Through no benefit of my own, I personally won the lottery of life. I did not get to choose my genes nor can I take credit for most the surrounding situations governing my life. That being said, I cannot be more thankful for the position I am in. I have my health intact, a partner I love and want to spend my life with, beautiful healthy children, a successful career, wonderful parents and extended family, and so on. I am also incredibly thankful that I see the world for what it is without the guise of false religion.
If you are in a similar situation as me, you are in the top 10% of the world’s wealthiest. That means 90% of the world is worse off than you, materially. (Source: “How Rich Am I?” calculator)
Sameer and his family in 2014


I don’t regret my life as a religious Muslim. It gave me a unique life experience and the ability to connect and understand the religious experience of a devout believer. To connect with them and dialogue from a position of power and authenticity I could never have otherwise.
If anything, I am thankful to the universe for what I have. My life is worth living, and I have no reason to be sour or angry at God for my predicament.
What can we say for others who are born in misery and tragedy? God provides those in misery with the hope for a better life after. Or to be with those loved ones who they lost all too quickly. What will their fates be without faith in God or a hereafter?
Man being present, in the moment
I did not use to have an answer for this, but I have found an answer now. Mindfulness. Mindfulness can be an incredible power that can help anyone become free of their situational unhappiness. It doesn’t require you to believe in any sort of deities, or any sort of life after. It teaches you to become the master of your own destiny by ultimately accepting your lot for what it is. This is so much more powerful than unhappily dragging yourself through life waiting for the next one to be better. It has been proven scientifically to bring mental and physical benefits to the practitioner. If that doesn’t work for you, there’s always weed? 
In conclusion, I am incredibly thankful for my life. ❤️My situation is better than most others I can imagine. I have no reason to be angry with God and I am at peace with the choices I made in my life and where I am now. If the burden of proof is provided for God, I am willing to accept him. Either way, whether he exists or not, I will live the best life I can.

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  1. the tragedy of your mindfulness is that as atheist after being muslim you will be not fotgiven by the creator.

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