A scripture better than Allah’s (reflections)

My friend asked me: Say, “Then bring a scripture from Allah which is more guiding than either of them that I may follow it, if you should be truthful.” (Quran 28:49) Got anything better?

And my answer: Regarding your question above, its a good question and I’m glad you initiated dialogue with me again. Personally I have noticed that the Quran has a very outdated view of cosmology. It indicates that the heavens & the earth were split which is an ancient myth that even the Chinese held many thousands of years ago, yet this is not what we observe. The Cosmic microwave background from the Big Bang was discovered in 1964 by two radiologists who couldn’t figure out why there was a static noise that they couldn’t get rid of in their instruments. As well we know the universe is expanding so we know that it had a beginning. From the use of science we have also determined the approximate age of the earth at 4.7 billion years. We know this estimate based on radiometric dating of fragments from the Canyon Diablo iron meteorite.
The Tagish Lake meteorite that landed on earth we have measured to be over 4.7 billion years old.
We know the earth and our sun could not be formed without the existence of previous stars dying – i.e. the explosion of a preceding larger star, the leftovers of which collected into what is now our Sun and Solar system. We’re talking about a stellar mass grave with literally hundreds of millions of stars dispersing mass across vast cosmic distances and timescales. It’s like millions of raindrops diffusing into an ocean in super slow motion. The Earth was made from the debris of our newly forming sun. The Quran doesn’t seem to get this right either.
The Quran mentions the story of Adam and Eve which is an ancient myth that based on our understanding of genetics does not make any sense. The idea of evolution which I asked you to investigate but you said was not high on your list actually makes a strong claim against the idea of Adam & Eve and their children committing incest. The human genome was completed in 2003 and we know now more about our commonality to other animals than ever before
We share 98.9% of DNA with a Chimp. We even share 40% of DNA with a fly. Using genetic editing, scientists have been able to take human genes and put them in a fly and get it to grow.
From what we have seen, we have a better understanding of our place in the cosmos than ever before, and a better understanding of ourselves than ever before, yet we still know so little. We still have many many unanswered questions, yet the Quran does not seem to answer in any meaningful way, nor does it match our understanding of the world which is stable.
Each field – geology, physics, genetics, and Darwinism all corroborate each other. The fossil evidence shows that there we evolved from a common ancestor, and that if you go back far enough, we came from the ocean. That physics gives the evidence that the sun has survived long enough to form these elements. That geology shows that the Earth is old enough for evolution to occur and the fossil evidence corroborate Darwin’s discoveries.
Humanity has moved far past these ancient myths by discovering things with our eyes and hands. Yet we want to cling to a book that goes against our logical observations that we can confirm.
This post was motivated by my friend Imad Nimoy who encouraged me to read books on discoveries of humanity.

3 thoughts on “A scripture better than Allah’s (reflections)

  1. Yesterday,I cried in pity for your going astray from the Straight Path when I watched your video “Jesus in Islam-The copy-pasted Prophet.You are so ignorant on the subjects you delve into to falsify Islam that I am amazed how you could risk eternity in perdition for such ignorance.In the minor signs of the Hour,Allaah’s Messenger-sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam-mentioned “…every man with some knowledge emerged in self-admiration of how much he knows…”!I managed to respond to only of the ignorance you ‘celebrated in that awful video as responding to all will require volumes.May Allaah guide you,as you seem to be a humble searcher that the Evil One preyed on.

    However,on reading this current piece I laughed as you write hypotheses and theories as though they are “revealed truths” .You collected bits and bits of suppositions,claims,assumptions,etc subject to continuous revisions and change and suppose them to be abiding truths.The experts in the various fields that you have pretended mastery here do not talk like with degrees of certainty that you have conveyed here.You are trusting those books and the authors and the claims with out your direct experimental investigations but distrusting the veritable Messenger-sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam-and the Qur’aan?Indeed you deserve to be preyed over by Iblees.

    It is a pity.I keep praying for your guidance.

  2. If religions are lies,then atheism is a greater lie.If religions are based on blind and irrational faith,I condemn that as a Muslis because the Qur’an constantly challenges its audience to ponder,reflect,observe,etc but even then atheism requires greater blindness and irrationality to uphold.As a writer once observe, “…I do not have enough faith to be an atheist”!I say “I do not have enough faith to say there is no God,because I do know for sure that there is no god but Allaah and Muhammad is His Messenger”-peace be upon him and all his brothers from among the guides of humanity at all times and in all places.Please watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BhPf90ruoY

    We invite you all to Islaam,the religion of loving submission to the One and Only Creator of all.

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