Meaning of life

Life is not meaningless even without God.

Believing in a supernatural force does not make you instantly happy or your life meaningful.

Someone comically said, “What’s the purpose of food if you poop it out?”
In the same way, life has to end one day, but we can still enjoy it.

Joel Feinberg, Freedom and Fulfillment wrote,

..  long lifetimes full of struggles and strivings, achievements and noble failures, contentments and frustrations, friendships and enemies, exertions and relaxations, seriousness and playfulness throughout all the programmed stages of growth and decay.

Most important of all, a fulfilled human life will be a life of planning, shaping, making order out of confusion and system out of randomness, a life of building, repairing, rebuilding, creating, pursuing goals, and solving problems.

Joel Feinberg, Freedom and Fulfillment, (Princeton Univ. Press: 1992). p322-323.

Life is what you make it. You have to find the meaning for yourself. Whether you want to help the orphans, start your own band, make your own invention, or whatever!

Have you ever noticed that even people who believe in God still get depressed? They still feel lonely? They still struggle to find meaning from day to day? That life sometimes seems boring or glum? Of course, because purpose and meaning is intrinsic

What is my meaning in life?

My meaning in life is to raise my kids to be responsible well-mannered human beings who will also have purpose to improve the world for others! To constantly learn and discover more about this amazing incredible world that we live in

I love listening to music, I enjoy my work, watching movies with my wife, and spending time with kids at the park. Finding enjoyment in each precious moment that’s given to us, to make do with the bad parts and make the most of the good parts of life. Sometimes that’s something as small as enjoying an ice-cream cone or trying a new type of cheese. Or maybe losing track of time and involved in building your first computer.. Whatever it is!

My purpose is to make this world better than I left it and to share my values with others. What’s yours?

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